Life with Avorey #14: Villains, Heroes, Henchmen, Vigilantes (anti-heroes) and Sidekicks-Which are you?

We love to laugh. Comic books do that. They are colorful, just as a person's personality. There are those special edition comics that you take extra care with. Just as there are those people in your life you go over and beyond to help.  Some people put comics inside a plastic bag for safe keeping. Some friends you want to put in a trash bag...and drop off the bridge. (Shrugs) 

Life with Avorey #5:

An Outsider among Outsiders: NERD GROUPS ON SOCIAL MEDIA/ SOCIETY/CULTURE (If you read my blog, please feel free to share and leave comments. On ANYTHING I post. Be the ongoing story "dark chronicles" or the silly commercial commentaries known as "life with avorey".  I WANT to know what you guys are thinking. Don't let me … Continue reading Life with Avorey #5: